How to Apply

Step 1: Register for free! Click Here and use this guide here for a clear step-by-step process for registration. Ensure that you choose Konye Agents as the Independent Business Organization (IBO) you will work with use the following information:

CSP ID for referral: 3676567

IBO Number: 667554

Step 2: When you have successfully completed the registration process you will be assigned a unique CSP (Arise Certified Professional) ID. Once your request has been approved by Konye Agent and the process finalized, you will be notified by a member of our team and reminded to complete the assessment on your log-in page on the Arise portal.

Step 3: Assessment process. During the assessment process you will complete three major steps:

  • Background check. Please note that you will be required to produce a valid Government of Canada ID
  • System check (please use a good computer with high processing capacity and speed) and voice assessment: Quick questions with voice recording
  • Customer service related assessment (scenario based)

Step 4: Client Match

A member of the Konye Agents team will work with you to select your first client. We are committed to your success and will guide you to ensure you are contracted to work for a client that is the best fit. You will complete a systems assessment (based on the client’s specifications in the opportunity announcement and finally a voice recording assessment.

You will also be required to complete a background check. Please note that you will pay $30 for the background check and this check is valid for 3 years. Once you have passed the background check, you will be able to enroll in the training (unpaid) for your selected client (found on the opportunities page) for about 4 weeks.

**Please note that the background check is paid directly to Arise as your commitment to the training.

Step 5: Start Making Money

Select your own hours, commit to servicing during these hours and start generating revenue. We pledge to deposit your service revenue in your chosen account twice a month. We charge 10% up to a maximum of $30 on each paycheck for administration fees, this enables us cover banking fees, admin work, HR for platform usage-related support and to provide top-notch support to you! Our fees are the lowest among IBOs and our services are among the top-rated. You can’t beat that!

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