Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What do you Earn?

You can expect to earn $14.00 to $23.00 per hour or more depending upon the client/clients you service. You will be required to service for minimum 15 hours/week and you can add on as many hours as possible based on availability and your schedule

  • Will I be an employee?

You will be a contractual employee with us. According to CRA there are 2 kinds of employment: Employee and Self Employed Individual. While working with us you will sign a contract that clearly states that you are an independent contractor.  You will receive a T4A slip at the end of the financial year for you to file the taxes and expenses.

  • What are the work hours?

9 AM to 8 PM or 6 AM to 12 midnight EST. It depends on the opportunity/client you select.

  • Do you have to pay anything?

Once you select a client, you enroll for the opportunity under that client and you will be prompted to complete a background check. This costs $30 and this is valid for 36 months. This is paid directly to the Arise platform.

  • No Show Fees

Any Service Partner or its agent that does not attend the first day of class for an initial certification on a client opportunity for which he or she is enrolled will be charged a $20.00 No-Show Fee. The Service Partner or its agent will be able to un-enroll from the opportunity up to the first day of class without paying the No-Show Fee.

  • What are Administration Fees?

Konye Agents will deduct a minimal service fee of 10% up to a maximum of $30 from your per paycheck. This service fee covers administrative expenses, banking services, virtual assistance and platforms provided.

  • Pay schedule?

You will be paid on the 15th and 30th of each month.

  • What are System Requirements?

In order to use our business partners’ platform, the system and equipment policy, detailed on the opportunity announcement (downloadable PDF), must be met. This document provides information on computers, headsets, phones, the Internet and equipment that is compatible with our partners’ platform.

Certain client programs may have additional requirements, please review the downloadable PDF in the opportunity announcement. Prior to selecting a client program, we strongly recommend not to spend any money to buy any equipment until you get qualified in the assessment.

  • What are examples of the activities on the job?
    • Answer incoming customer inquiries
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders and teams to stay updated on new products, services, and policies
    • Record and modify customer information within the database
    • Engage with clients in a friendly and professional manner while actively listening to their concerns
    • Offer support and solutions to customers in accordance with the company’s customer service policies.
  • What are the requirements for agent employment?
    • Must be legally eligible to work in Canada and must be present in Canada
    • Must have a valid Canadian Government-issued ID card
    • Must be fluent in English (or French depending on the opportunity)
    • Must commit to working for a minimum of 15 hours a week (flexible schedule)
    • Must attend online classroom training for approx. a month (4 hours each day Monday to Friday). Training is not paid. The reason for training fees is that they want participants to consider training seriously.
  • Can I get a summary of the entire process?

After registration–>select the opportunity/client–>compatibility check of your system as per system requirements –>assessment –>background check with payment–>course enrollment–>training, while training complete all the assignments timely–>certification/approval of your scope of work (SOW) –> start taking calls –>you get paid for the number of hours worked.

  • Must I pay the background check fee?

Please note that Konye Agents does not receive any payment from you. You pay directly to Arise on the Arise Platform.