• Welcome to Konye Agents Inc.

    About Us

    Konye Agents is a customer-centric virtual support company. We provide virtual support to small and large enterprises and create a sustainable income-generating opportunity for our agents. At the core of our business are agents who love what they do, who are problem solvers, who can balance work with their personal lives, and who are well-positioned to offer exceptional customer service.

    We see ourselves as problem-solvers and bridge-builders for our agents and our customers. We are committed to your success, and you can depend on us every step of the way.

    At Konye Agents, we believe in the future of virtual service delivery, and we are passionate about the contact center industry. As virtual service providers in this industry, we are uniquely placed to align with the current trends in the virtual space and we are highly adaptable so we can evolve with future trends.

    We are federally incorporated in Canada, our business number is 742725203RC0001.


    Our mission is to nurture unique opportunities for people to find their place in the job market, be at the driver’s seat in their careers and enjoy a work-life balance that promotes fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.